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Landscape Material Supplier

Cannonsburg Wood Products is a Michigan-based, manufacturer and supplier of landscape materials for wholesale & residential customers. We are proud to offer a selection of quality landscape products such as bulk mulch, bark, soil, garden compost, aggregate, and pine straw bales. We would love to be your trusted landscape supply company.

We offer the following landscape material products

Color Enhanced Mulch

Cannonsburg Wood Products manufactures and colors the material we sell – ensuring consistent, quality color-enhanced mulch. To ensure proper use, application and maintenance of your color-enhanced mulch, View Our Color Enhanced Mulch Instructions. Mulch will help to retain moisture & regulate temperatures for soil.

black color enhanced mulch

Black Color Enhanced Mulch

brown color enhanced mulch

Brown Color Enhanced Mulch

color enhanced hardwood bark

Color Enhanced Hardwood Bark

gold color enhanced mulch

Gold Color
Enhanced Mulch

red color enhanced mulch

Red Color
Enhanced Mulch

Natural Ground Covers

We offer a variety of natural ground cover options including mulch, bark, Certified Playground Mulch and woodchips. These types of ground cover are not color enhanced and comes in a color range of light brown to a blonde and are beneficial for trees, plants, and soil. They also help retain moisture & regulate temperatures for soil.

cedar bark

Cedar Mulch

economy mulch

Economy Mulch

hardwood bark

Hardwood Bark

playground mix

Playground Mix

red pine bark

Red Pine Bark



Soils & Compost

hand holding garden composite

Garden Compost

Composted yard waste is a soil conditioner that will improve texture, air circulation and drainage, moderate soil temperature, enhance nutrients and water holding capacity, decreases erosion and inhibits weed growth. Mixing compost into your soil as an amendment will help increase yield by creating stronger, healthier plants.
screened top soil

Screened Topsoil/Compost Blend

A great screened topsoil/compost blend. Good to use for raised bed gardening, amending existing soils, topdressing, or overseeding. Excellent moisture retention due to organic material content.
hand picking up play sand

Play Sand

Clean, screened sand. Generally used for sandboxes and to add sand to a beach area.

Fill Dirt

This material has NOT been screened. Generally high in clay, sand and soil with – varies in consistency. This will have large debris like stones and sticks. Can be used as an inexpensive option to fill in swimming pools or build berms.

Fill Sand

This material has NOT been screened. Generally, a very loose sand consistency. This will may have debris like stones and sticks. Can be used as an inexpensive option to fill in swimming pools or build berms.


We offer a variety of landscape aggregate options. Pea stone, crushed concrete, and washed stone are great options to use for strong base layers, walkways, leveling, drainage, and even ponds.

Pea Stone

1-2 inch washed stone

Crushed Concrete

1-2 inch washed stone

1″-2″ Washed Stone

Other Landscape Products We Offer

Cannonsburg wood products now proudly offers various other quality landscape products to fit your various needs including compost products, certified playground mix, pine straw bales, sawdust, mushroom compost, screened topsoil, & fill sand! Check out each product below!
pine straw

Pine Straw Bales

Pine Straw Bales are a great, organic way to cover your ground, they are sold by the bale, & each bale will cover approximately 50 sq ft. Be cautious of your intent, because pine straw is high in nitrogen and makes excellent mulch for your acid loving plants.
animated yard waste

Yard Waste Disposal, Tree Grinds and Log Drop Off Site

We accept both residential and commercial yard waste material for drop off, there is a CHARGE to drop material off based on the size of the load. We also offer dumpster rentals for yard waste disposal. Please note we do NOT accept STUMPS, RAIL ROAD TIES or LANDSCAPE TIMBERS. Also no PLASTIC, METAL, GLASS, AGGREGATE, CONCRETE or OTHER DEBRIS mixed with the load. We ask that you keep woody brush separate from soil, leaves and/or grass clippings. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO INSPECT AND REJECT ALL LOADS.