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Can You Mulch in The Fall?

Mulching Your Lawn & Landscape This Fall

With summer coming to a close quickly, it seems that many people have their minds on the upcoming change in seasons. Living in Michigan we have the joy of seeing the seasons change throughout the year in such a beautiful and drastic way. If you are one of the many folks who didn’t seem to get your landscaping done in the spring like you had hoped, you might be wondering if there is still time to finish up some of the various landscaping tasks such as mulching before winter really sets in. The short answer is yes! Many people wait till fall to mulch their landscape, and even more people reapply a bit of mulch before the cold weather makes its appearance.

Mulching for the First Time in Fall

For many people, the spring and summer time are just too busy to worry about applying mulch to their homes, and that’s OK! Although it is ideal to mulch in the spring time or early summer in order to retain moisture for your plants and protect them from harsh conditions, it isn’t the end of the world if you have to wait until fall in order to get your mulch installed. Mulching in the fall will still give you tons of the same benefits as before. The mulch will help retain moisture for your soil going into the winter months and not to mention it will help insulate your soil and plants to provide a layer of protection from the cold weather that will be coming before we know it!

Reapplying Mulch in The Fall

For many other people, the fall provides a great opportunity to reapply some leftover or new mulch to their landscaping to prepare for winter. If you mulched in the springtime, its likely that some of the mulch has already been worn down or maybe even washed away. This lowers the effectiveness that mulch has for your lawn and landscape. That reapplication process can be extremely helpful in keeping weeds at bay and preventing erosion.

Other Reasons to Mulch in The Fall

There are tons of other benefits to mulching your lawn and landscape in the fall besides just insulating your plants and water retention. Some of the other benefits include being able to enjoy your lawn and landscape in the cooler weather before winter hits. Another would be that what you do now, is less that you will have to do later! This is a great thing to remember if you find yourself very busy in the spring and summer months.

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