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What mistakes You’re Making With Your Compost Pile

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It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned composter, or maybe a novice that would like to start a pile but isn’t exactly sure how to begin, there are always mistakes that can be made in the midst of getting your compost pile going. The process of starting a compost pile can be daunting for someone who might be a beginner, but the fact is that it’s a great way to “recycle” various items from in and around your house and re purpose them for another great use! Many people believe that having a compost pile is as easy as throwing a bunch of your decompose-able garbage into some dirt and letting it break down…and maybe this is the right idea…but there is definitely more that goes into composting than just that. There are various mistakes that many people make with their compost pile that can greatly affect how successful their compost pile becomes.

Although it’s been said that there is no “right” way to compost, there are definitely things that one can do wrong, so here are a few mistakes that you might be making with your compost pile and how you can be sure not to keep making them this year.

Not covering up your food

Leaving food uncovered in your compost pile can cause you a few different hassles when it comes to the success of your pile. Uncovered food can attract animals, and it can start to smell quickly. By not covering up your food it also allows for your existing compost pile to miss out on the rich nutrients it could be receiving from those food items by being mixed in!

Not enough variety in items

A lack of variety in items can greatly affect the nutrients that you find in your compost pile. As a general rule, it’s suggested that you layer on “green” items such as grass, and food in between “brown” item such as existing compost, or leaves. This variety and mixture will help your pile generate the best nutrients possible by adding in tons of different items with loads of nutrients to offer.

Not enough variety in size

Variety in size surprisingly also can play a role in your compost pile. When you have compost that is all the same size, you can end up with a very condensed messy pile. It’s recommended that you have a mixture of both larger and smaller pieces so that your pile will be very porous and have pockets of air to help your items decompose.

compost pile mistakes

Your pile is too dry

A dry pile of compost won’t do too well at decomposing because water is so important in the process of breaking all of your items down. Continuing to churn your pile and adding in a little bit of water here and there when things seem to be drying up can help your pile along nicely.

Adding animal products

One of the biggest and most common compost pile mistakes include adding animal products to your pile. This could be items such as grease, animal fat, meat trimmings, and dairy products. All of these items break down extremely slowly and can easily begin to make your pile begin to smell as well as affect your other items breakdown in your pile. Keep your animal products out of the pile.

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