gardening with mushroom compost

What Is Mushroom Compost?

Mushroom Compost Michigan

Mushroom compost is up and coming in the garden community, praised for being organic in nature, many people are interested in the positive effects it can have in their garden & also the environment!
Many people probably don’t know exactly what IS mushroom compost. Mushroom Compost is a unique plant fertilizer filled with various nutrients & created by a harmonious blend of straw, wheat, gypsum, and chicken or horse manure. This is just one blend of the various types of mushroom compost, other organic items may be added for different nutrients & soil effects.

gardening with mushroom compost

How Do I Use Mushroom Compost In My Garden?

As to any fertilizer, there are positive & negatives to mushroom compost & how you utilize them for your garden. For gardening, mushroom compost its important to measure the area you are going to be applying the compost to. Multiply your measurements (at the nearest foot) to get your square foot area. Then, multiply your square footage by the depth of your desired amount of compost (recommended is 3 inches) to get your cubic feet of compost needed. Once you have successfully bought & transported your compost home, you will need to apply it to your garden, it is best if you spread it over your garden area with a rake to get the thickness desired. After your mushroom compost has covered the desired area, it’s important to work it into the soil you can do this manually with a hoe or with a rototiller!
Mushroom compost should be used with caution for your garden because of the high salt amount in it. Make sure you research your plants & flowers to know what they tolerate & what they like and dislike! Use mushroom compost sparingly with young plants & plants that dislike high sodium contents. Although you need to be careful of this fact, mushroom compost holds so many more benefits that make it worth the while! All of the nutrients that are in the compost make it an invaluable asset to your soil. The nutrients will restore your soil along with encouraging healthy happy plants to grow big and strong.

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