tips for preventing weeds in your landscape

Tips for Preventing Weeds in Your Landscape

How to suppress weed growth this year for your lawn and landscape

Just like that, Spring is upon us once again – and predictably you have those little pesky weeds popping up out of your landscape once again. In the past you might have tried multiple remedies or solutions for the weeds and maybe some of them were fairly successful, but if you are reading this post, it’s likely that you haven’t found too much of a solution in the past while attempting to get rid of the weeds that invade your landscape. We know that there is no sure-fire way to get rid of weeds for good, but there are many paths that you can take to prevent or thing out the weeds from growing up and taking over your space.

#1 Mulch Your Area

You cannot expect a mulch company to be writing a blog about preventing weeds and not start with one of the most important preventive measures against weeds! Mulch is one of the main ways that you can prevent weeds from growing up in your landscape. Mulch deprives any weeds that might already have seed in the soil of light helping choke them out before they are old enough to put roots in. It is suggested that you keep mulch around 2 inches thick – that will allow your soil to still receive oxygen while still blocking sunlight from reaching seeds below. You might see some small weeds pop up quickly, from seed that might have found its way into your mulch, and when you do see them, it’s important to pluck them out while they have not yet been able to reach the soil.

#2 Utilize Landscaping Fabric, Cardboard, or Newspaper

These are a few of the more widely used items that people have previously utilized to cover the soil within their landscape (usually covering them with mulch for aesthetic as well). These biodegradable items provide yet another layer that makes it harder for weeds to penetrate. All of these items are great to use, but be attentive to checking how degraded they are each year, and be ready to replace as needed.

#3 Use Pre-Emergent Weed Killer

In early spring we suggest that you take control of your landscape by using a pre-emergent weed killer before you lay any mulch or landscaping fabric down. This will help kill weeds before they even have a chance to germinate and pop up within your landscape. There are some weeds that don’t reproduce via seed, and with those we suggest that you find a good post emergent to spot spray any problem areas or any places where you see that weeds are popping up despite your use of a pre-emergent.

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#4 Plant Spacing Matters

Depending on the look that you are going for, plant spacing can help you with controlling your weeds. When plants are growing closely, they will choke out newly sprouted weeds by shading the area and preventing sunlight from reaching them and providing them with the necessary nutrients.

#5 Weed Quickly and Weed Often

Although we wish that there were one or two ways that we could guarantee that weeds would not grow up in your landscape, but weeds grow quickly and persistently, so you will need to be just as on top of your game. Try to schedule one night a week where you just make landscape rounds scanning to see if any weeds are popping up anywhere. By doing this, you will be sure to catch any weeds quickly while they are still young. Besides, attacking a weed problem is not nearly as hard when there aren’t a lot of weeds to be attacked.

Like we stated previously, unfortunately there is no guaranteed way to destroy weeds for good (although we wish that there were) – but these are just a few ways that you should be able to keep your weeds under control this spring and summer. Weeds are persistent and strong, and you have to be just as intentional to keep them under control in your landscape and garden.

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