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landscape tips
landscape tips
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landscape mulch

When mulch is your business 24/7, you pick up plenty of tips and trade secrets regarding best applications, how to figure how much you need, how to calculate depth for maximum playground safety, how to keep your mulch looking fresh and colorful … plus, all the great benefits and cost savings associated with wood and rubber mulch.


We’re happy to share our secrets … and if we haven’t covered your concern, just give us a call at 616.866.4459 or shoot us an email at

  • Color-Enhanced Mulch Maintenance Tips – PDF
  • Proper installation for maximum playground safety – PDF

Save Money with Mulch

Installing mulch and natural ground cover not only improves the beauty of a customer’s landscape by providing uniform texture and cover color, it saves you money. Mulch can:

  • Suppress weed growth which saves you time and money on maintenance/labor charges

  • Prevent water loss in the soil due to evaporation, saving money on your sprinkling bill.

  • Insulate the soil from extreme changes in temperature and helps trees, shrubs and flowers to flourish, thereby reducing replacement costs.

  • Prevent soil from crusting, increasing the amount of water absorbed by the soil – thereby improving plant health and cutting down on sprinkling.




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