Pine Straw Bales For Landscaping: Uses & Benefits

Using pine straw bales as mulch has multiple benefits for your soil & landscape. Pine straw is completely natural & sustainable, if applied correctly will improve your soil, by conserving soil moisture, keeping weeds at bay, & protecting your soil from strong rain & wind. Pine Trees drop there needles (or straw) naturally, and by utilizing this resource & repurposing them, you can keep your soil protected & healthy in a natural, beautiful way. So what are some of the benefits of using Pine Straw as mulch?

Easy to Maintain
-Generally speaking pine straw does not wash out as easily as other mulch options. Especially after some time, pine straw will settle down & break down slowly needing less attention.
Feeds & Protects Your Soil
-Pine straw will insulate any plant roots underneath, it will also protect your soil from any harsh rain or wind that might come throughout the year. In addition, Pine needles stay loose & breathable for your soil so that it can still receive all of the nutrients it needs.
Weed Control
-Thickening Pine straw around the base of your plants prevents weeds from growing up & establishment of harmful weeks that suck the nutrients from the plants you want growing.
Looks Beautiful
-Dried pine needles have a beautiful color & fine texture that will add to anyone’s landscape. It looks natural & will not take away any attention from your landscape features or plants.
-Initially Pine Straw might seem like it’s much more expensive than wood mulch, but a bale of pine straw can cover a much larger surface area at the same thickness.

pine straw bales

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