Mulching Your Yard: Expectations Vs. Reality

How To Prep Your Yard For Mulching

Prepping your yard for the mulch of the year can be somewhat of a letdown when we have an expectation of how it will all go down, perfectly with no glitches or issues. All in an afternoon right? Wrong…

But all it takes is less than 60 small minutes of beginning the mulching process to realize that it isn’t going to go down so easily…mulching your yard isn’t going to be a scene out of a Disney movie showing 7 little helpers walking in an acute line ready to shovel mulch into your landscape. Mulching your yard is hard work, and although the result is completely worth all the sweat, blood, & tears – (a little dramatic…maybe) the process can still be hard and taxing.

So we want to help you out by providing you with various ways to stay in touch with your landscape reality, all while increasing the enjoyment & hard work you are about to put into your home and project. So, the first and foremost step is going to be realizing that this process is a process, it’s going to take some time as well as hard work. 

mulch preperation

Mulching your yard is not just mulching your yard, it’s going to take a lot of preparation before you can ACTUALLY shovel the mulch and spread it out. Here are three fairly simple steps that we recommend that you do before you spread your mulch.

1. Take time to calculate how much mulch you will need to FINISH the project

measuring mulch

There is no worse kink in any project than needing to order and wait for more supplies to finish the already half finished project. Take the time to measure out and multiply your total area in feet by how deep you would like your mulch to lay. For a quick and easy calculation, check out our project calculator on our home page, it will give you the total cubic yards needed without all the big math problem…or if you are someone who enjoys using your impressive math skills in ALL areas of life, here is how you would come to the total cubic yards needed solution – measure your total square feet of area to cover (length by width), once you have that number, you’ll need to multiply by the depth or thickness that you want the mulch to lay. That total will then be divided by 324 in order to get the total cubic yards that you’ll need.

2. Weed your yard thouroughly

Weeding your yard can be as easy or difficult as you’d like it to be, but make sure to do it before you begin piling mulch on top of your existing areas. Many people believe that putting mulch on top of weeds will suffocate them out, and although this might be true for some small, weak week plants, the seeds are still there, and even the smallest weeds can and will eventually push their way to the top and through the covering. Although it might seem tedious at first, weeding can and should help lessen the work load later on as you won’t have as much maintenance to keep up on. You can also spray for weeds and give them a few days to completely die off before putting down mulch over top of them. We do suggest that if you spray for weeds, that you go through and do a rough pick-up of all the dead leaves and stems before you lay your mulch.

3. Trim Up Your Trees/Shrubs/Hedges & Clean Up Your Flowers

It’s the best time to trim up your existing plants in your yard and landscape BEFORE you begin to spread out your new mulch. This gives you time to clean them up, deadhead your flowers, and dispose of all of these unwanted trimmings so that all you have to do is get your new mulch over & spread in the way that you want it.

These simple three steps are important when preparing to mulch your yard this coming year. Proper preparation is crucial in bridging the gap of expectation vs reality and minimizing any frustrations that might arise. Once your mulch arrives, we suggest that you work as quickly as possible (which should be easy if you followed our above 3 steps of preparation) to get the mulch dispersed throughout your yard in the necessary places – once that is done, you can spread, and ENJOY!

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