Measure Bulk Landscape Materials

How to Measure Bulk Landscape Materials

Have you ever had to measure bulk landscape materials? One of the very first steps to take when beginning a new project that requires bulk materials is measuring how much material you know. Sounds simple, right? Well, it will be after you are done reading this! You do not want to run out of material halfway through your project and need to reorder more, and wait, and start again. Or even actually finish your project and realize that you have wasted money on all the extra material that you don’t have use for. Thankfully, Cannonsburg is not only here to sell and deliver bulk materials, including mulch, bark, topsoil, and various aggregates, but we will also help you throughout the entire process. We recommend that you check out our Project Calculator on our website before ordering anything.


No matter what type of project you are working on or what type of material you are working with you will need to figure out the right volume of the space you are looking to fill. You will want to measure the length and width to find the area of your surface. In order to figure out the depth of your space, this one is dependent upon your project and its goals. Mulch, topsoil, and gravel and stone all have so many different uses that you should look into when designing your next project.

How to Measure for Mulch

Mulch is a popular choice for people who want to suppress weeds, moisturize the soil, control insects, or insulate the soil. You can easily accomplish all these things and improve your soil with an attainable depth of about 2 to 4 inches of mulch. This will allow for no weeds to pop up in your garden or yard, while also maintaining in enough moisture to keep your plants thriving and looking great. Make sure to keep a thin layer of mulch as it will help with insect control, if you use a larger depth, it can actually attract termites.

Measure Bulk Landscape Materials

How to Measure for Topsoil

Overall, projects that use topsoil tend to require about 2 to 8 inches of this material. Depending on the project that you choose will determine how much you will need. If your project is to install, regrade, or over-seed your lawn, a layer of about 3 to 6 inches of topsoil will do great for you, depending on the quality of the soil underneath. If your project is a garden, you will want to be on the higher end of that 2 to 8 inches. You should use close to 6 inches of topsoil in order to better protect and stimulate your plants. Amending your soil, however, you will only need around 2 to 3 inches of topsoil. Another use of topsoil is to fill in depressions and the amount of topsoil needed there is dependent on the depth of the depressions in your yard.

Brown Bulk Mulch

How to Measure for Gravel and Stone

Lastly, gravel and stone are most commonly used for a variety of large landscaping projects. Projects such as decorating flower beds and improving drainage will require about 2 to 3 inches. If you are looking to prevent weeds from coming through the ground a good depth would be 3 to 5 inches of gravel or stone. If your project is to create a drive way, this will require about 6 inches of stone, while a pathway or walkway would only require about 4 inches since it will not endure as much wear. Finally, if you are looking to control erosions, this requires the largest depth of gravel or stone, at about 12 inches, in order to prove successful.


It is important to remember that when you decide to head on a project with gavel or stone that using larger rocks will require a larger depth than you would need with smaller rocks. This prevents the stone from slipping out of place and expose the ground or fabric.

Gravel and Stone Walkway

As you’ve learned from reading this blog, there are many projects that bulk landscape materials can contribute to and it is very important to understand how to measure them. Ultimately, the depth will give you a great idea of how much material you will need. Figuring out how much material you will need in the earlier stages of your project will save you stress, running out of material, and overpaying.

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