dispose of a Christmas tree

How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree

Dispose of your live Christmas tree in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner using these tips, and get ready for a fresh start in the new year.

It is that time of year again! Christmas festivities are filled with gifts, decorations, and delicious food. Unfortunately, after the holidays are over and things go back to normal, most decorations will be packed away until next year or disposed of. This is typically easier when you are dealing with small things, but what do you do with your Christmas tree? Make sure to not wait for your tree to dry out before removing it. As trees dry out, they become more likely the become a fire hazard. First, you’ll want to remove the tree from the tree stand, tree skirt, all ornaments, and lights before throwing out your live Christmas tree. It’s handy to have a bucket of water close by to dump excess water that may have collected in the tree stand.


Next, you’ll want to use a large, plastic tree bag to cover the tree before you take it outside. You can also use any old blankets or sheets you have lying around. This will help prevent those pesky needles and sap from making a mess on your carpet or hardwood floors.


Finally, you’ll want to take the tree to the curb, making sure not to obstruct any roads or sidewalks. Arrange for pickup by your local waste management program, or Cannonsburg Wood Products, if you haven’t already.

If you are a municipality and or neighborhood collections, Cannonsburg Wood Products can drop off roll-off dumpster containers of any size. OR people can drop off their Christmas trees at our location for a $5.00 charge.

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Other options for disposing your Christmas Tree:

Cannonsburg advocates for sustainable tree disposal after the holidays to help promote a positive impact on the environment. Since natural Christmas trees are biodegradable, there are several ways you can recycle your Christmas tree.

Provide Shelter for Wildlife

Leaving your Christmas tree somewhere in your backyard for the remaining part of winter will not only help fill empty spots but also provides shelter for birds and other creatures. A natural tree takes about two months before decomposing, giving you ample time to provide shelter for some wildlife during the cold months.


If you have a close-by garden or other landscape on your property, it is advisable to shred your Christmas tree and use the chip or sawdust as mulch. Once the mulch is given time to start decomposing, you can lay it around shrubs or other trees. By mulching your trees and plants, you are preventing soil compaction and erosion as it boosts vegetation growth.

Start a Compost Pile

Thirdly, the thin branches of the Christmas tree are a great base for a compost pile, as they allow for circulation at the bottom. Once you have trimmed the branches to fit inside your compost bin, you’ll want to stack them appropriately and then you are ready to start adding your kitchen waste and other biodegradable materials inside.

How to Get Rid of an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are not capable of decomposing, which rules out mulching and other disposal options applicable for biodegradables. Some other ways you can recycle artificial trees include:


You can be crafty and turn artificial Christmas trees into various holiday decorations like garlands or wreaths from the branches. Although the holidays may be over, these DIY decorations keep the holiday spirit in the air as they hang on your doors, tabletops, or mantels.

Send it to a Recycling Center

If repurposing is not something you are interested in, there are other effective options for removing artificial Christmas trees. For example, look into dumpster rental services, curbside pick up, or drop-offs for synthetic and natural Christmas trees.

Cannonsburg Wood Products can provide you with roll-off dumpster containers of any size, for a fee, and drop-off services, a $5.00 charge, to help you dispose of your Christmas tree.


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