5 ways to prep your lawn landscape and garden for winter

5 Ways to Prep your Lawn, Landscape, & Garden for Winter

It’s important to be one step ahead of the changing of seasons when it comes to your lawn, landscape, and garden especially living in the Midwest with the seasons always seeming to be on the brink of change. Winter generally comes quickly and fiercely here in Michigan which is another reason why we should protect all of the hard work that we put into our homes leading up to the cold weather that’s why we wanted to share just 5 simple ways that you can prepare your lawn, landscape and garden for the upcoming winter.

Lay mulch to protect plants from the cold weather & frost

Many people don’t think to mulch in the fall time because it’s such a popular summer task – which makes sense being that most people want their landscapes to look perfect for the summer season. But mulching in the fall can have some great benefits for your landscape and any plants that are planted there. Even if you do the majority of your mulching in the spring or summer, you can always touch up any spots that might have some wear and tear since the initial laying. Mulch will help insulate any plants that you have planted in your landscape and help protect them from the cold weather, frost, and snow that we expect here in the Midwest. If you are looking for mulch this fall yet, contact us today! We would be happy to help in any way that we can.

5 ways to prepare your lawn landscape and garden for winter

Pick up all the leaves as to not smother your lawn

Living in the Midwest definitely has its perks, the beautiful changing fall colors are definitely one of them! Trees and foliage show off their beauty in a totally new way and wow us all with their deep beautiful colors, but as the leaves change colors, they also soon fall and we also know that when they fall on our lawns it can create quite the bed of orange, red, and yellow. Leaves when left on a lawn for the entire fall and winter can smother and suffocate your lawn which is why it’s important to pick them up and let your lawn breathe for the winter. You can rake, use a leaf blower, or even just use a lawn mower to help get your leaves under control before the snow falls.

Get your compost pile ready & use it to insulate your garden

If you are an avid composter, the chances are that you have already been working hard on your compost pile all summer, but fall is a great time to continue working on it and not to mention you can use it to help insulate your garden a little bit throughout the winter as well. The breaking down of elements creates some amount of heat that will help your garden soil stay insulated throughout the cold months. Not only can you put in food scraps, coffee grounds, and other household “waste” into your pile, but you can also put your picked up leaves, clippings of your perennials, and any old annuals that you pull out of your landscape and garden to create a more diverse and nutrient rich pile.

Cut back perennials for the winter season

Cutting back perennials should always be a part of your fall routine for your plants – and not only that, but like we stated above, the cuttings make great additions to any compost pile as well. Cutting back your perennials removes any excess plant that would take away energy from the main source of the plant during the cold season. Each spring, perennials grow new growth anyways, so it’s good to stay ahead of the game and cut them back early to conserve their energy while the weather grows colder.

Remove any annuals from the garden & landscape

Removing annuals isn’t a necessary step to prep for winter, but it’s a great way to lessen the work you have to do in the spring, and you can also use those annuals from your garden and landscape to spice up your compost pile as well, creating a more nutrient dense pile that will serve your garden well the following spring and summer.

compost pile mistakes

Fall seems to fill up quickly with lots of cool weather activities and even preparing for the upcoming holidays – but remember that caring for your lawn, landscape, and garden is an important thing to prioritize in this season as well and can lessen the load of work that comes in the following warm seasons. We hope these 5 simple tasks will help you as the cool weather approaches quickly.
If you need mulch or compost yet this fall, please contact us today! Our team is happy to help in any way that we can.

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