5 Advantages to wood mulch

4 Advantages To Mulching Your Landscape

How Can You & Your Home Benefit From Wood Mulch

Spring is upon us and it probably has you thinking about your home lawn and garden. Is it time to re-mulch your landscape? Mulching your landscape with wood products is a great way to save money and save you a little bit of hassle as well! Not sure what we mean? Don’t worry, we’ll explain!
After being in the mulch industry for many years, we know all the advantages, tips, and tricks to mulching your home – and today we want to share with you how you can benefit from mulching with wood products!

Mulch Suppresses Weed Growth

One huge advantage to mulching your landscape with wood products is that mulch suppresses weed growth. No one likes weeds growing in their landscape when there should be beautiful shrubbery, flowers, and plants, but mulch can help. Mulch lays on top of your soil preventing and suppressing weed growth in and around your landscape. It’s likely that weeds will still find a way to sprout up, but mulch will absolutely help!

Mulch Retains Moisture

Mulch in general and wood mulch as well helps your soil retain moisture for your already established plants. This is great if you live in an area where you frequently go long periods of time without rain or if you live in an area where the weather is very unsure (such as the Midwest) Living in Michigan, we never know what the weather is going to be like, one day it might be rainy and then we might not have any rain for 4 weeks straight, but either way, mulch can help retain the moisture in your soil so that your plants can thrive even without regular rainfall.

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Insulates Soil

Wood mulch also helps insulate your soil when spring and winter hit. As we stated previously, living in the Midwest comes with many surprises, many springs are laden with snow well into March or April. That being said, having mulch to protect your perennials through the winter can help them get a head start when spring rolls around – and mulching your annuals will protect them in the spring in case you are on the receiving end of a last-minute freeze. Overall any extreme change in temperature can affect your plants, so having mulch to protect your plants is a great idea!

Highlights the Beauty of Your Home

The beauty of wood-based mulch is all the variety that you can create and experience as a homeowner. Wood mulch comes in various colors, cuts, and bases. If you want a completely natural look with no color there are options including cedar, red pine and others. If you love the pop of color that can compliment your homes color there are plenty of options for colored mulch including black, brown, gold, and red colors. Ultimately, because wood mulch is easily adjustable, you can enjoy various options and find the best one to highlight the beauty of your home.

Using wood mulch is a great option to spruce up your home and landscape all while keeping your plants safe and healthy. Cannonsburg Wood Products is happy to manufacture and supply various mulch options. 

If you have a question about the benefits that mulch can provide, reach out to us – we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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