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Four Advantages To Renting A One-Time Dumpster Container

Fall is approaching quickly, which means all those pesky leaves in your yard…or maybe you’re still focused on Summer cleanup around the house & yard. Whatever it may be, you know that your regular, scheduled trash service isn’t going to cut it…not this time! It might be time to start looking into a one time large dumpster container to rent for use and cleanup. So, what are the advantages to renting a dumpster container for your project?

Getting the job done efficiently & quickly

Getting a dumpster for you’re the leaves in your yard, for a one time basement clean out, or to haul away a big load of unwanted junk will allow you to finish the job in one large effort. You no longer need to make multiple trips to the dump with truckloads of stuff. You simply need to fill your dumpster, call when it’s ready for pickup, and watch your trash be taken away with little to no effort afterwards on your end.

One time dumpster

A one time fee

Renting a dumpster one single time from a provider like Cannonsburg Wood Products allows you a simple one time fee. You will not continually be charged, and you definitely will not be put on a rotational schedule where you find a large dumpster returning every week to be filled…unless you want it that is!

Various sizes to fit your specific project needs

15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard dumpster containers give you the ability and flexibility to choose a dumpster that will fit the specific project you are looking to complete. Are you renovating your kitchen? Cleaning out your hoarding aunt Linda’s barn? Or possibly just replacing your house windows, whatever the project may be, our various dumpster sizes have you covered.

Available whenever you need it

Yards will always need spring and fall cleaning, houses will always need fixing, and commercial buildings will always need cleanouts… but not ALL the time! By renting a one-time dumpster, you only need to call and order a dumpster for when you need it – and you can be confident that it will show up to fit your needs.

Now that you know some of the various advantages there are to rent a one-time dumpster, what are the different sizes to choose from? How do you know what size is right for your project? Here is a brief overview of the dumpster sizes that we offer and how they would equate to a regular project using a pickup truck!

15 Yard Container

Will hold 3-4 pickup trucks worth – good for small cleanup efforts

20 Yard Container

Will hold 4-6 pickup trucks worth – good for medium renovations, deck removals, and window replacements

30 Yard Container

Will hold 6-8 pickup trucks worth – good for small home renovations, commercial cleanouts, & residential construction

40 Yard Container

Will hold 8-10 pickup trucks worth – good for large home renovations, commercial cleanouts, and other large projects.

Cannonsburg Wood Products offers both dumpsters for a one time rental use as well as for on going efforts.

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